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Skype Update

Skype is ever changing. The team believes in Skype Update every now and then so that they can make better Skype experience for the users. Also, you might want to know that, once Skype has been updated to a new version, you will be automatically signed out of the site and you won’t be able to sign in again until you do the Skype Update to the new version.

You can take these Skype Update Notes to know all that you want regarding the topic.

Skype Update steps

If you have not done the Skype Update to the latest version yet, it is very easy to do so. Descriptively, if you have Skype on your Laptop or personal computer, you can update Skype by simply going to the link we have provided. All you have to do is click on the link and then hit on the Update now (blue colored) button that you are likely to see on the page.

skype update, how to update skype

If you are using Skype on your mobile phone, you can update it by simply going to the application store from where you had downloaded Skype. You will then see two options one is uninstalled and the other one is upgraded. Click on the Skype Update option (upgrade) and wait till the application has been upgraded and that is it.
You will have successfully upgraded Skype on your mobile phone.

And once you have done the Skype update Windows 10, you can enjoy a large number of benefits such as

  • Call and message all your Skype contacts at absolutely no cost from the Skype for Windows Phone application.
  • Make calls to landline and mobile phones through your Skype account by paying the Skype Premium.
  • Chat endlessly with your loved ones through the Skype for Windows Phone app.
  • Share files, drawings and pictures from your mobile to another Skype device by the help of the app.

So don’t wait for it and do the Skype update now.

Skype Update on MAC

Skype has introduced a variety of changes in MAC. To experience all these changes in Skype, you will first have to do the Skype Update 2016.

Given below are the list of changes that you are likely to experience after updating MAC. We have mentioned these changes right from the start with the versions in which the features have been upgraded.

  1. Version 7.28 (May 18, 2016) – After this upgrade was made, you could share your location – open the media bar, clicks the pin icon, and sends your location to the conversation.
    Start a conversation right from the Skype dock icon and get your conversations faster. Tap the Skype icon to reveal new commands.skype update, update skype to new version

Call phone numbers: Opens the dial pad, so you can quickly call landlines and mobiles (you’ll need some Skype credit or a subscription to make a call).

Start a new conversation: The fastest way to open a new chat, copy the URL and invite people to the conversation. Even add people who aren’t on Skype!

  1. Version 7.29 (May 23, 2016) – In this version, Skype Update provides support for font colors in IM. General fixes were also made
  2. Version 7.30 (June 15, 2016) – Improved name labels of contacts. Better view of the icons on a compact screen.
  3. Version 7.31(June 29, 2016) – The most recent Skype update is that rich text box with emoticons that you can now edit. Menu button on location message. So that when you click it, a list of options is now available.


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