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Skype Interview Tips

Let’s be real, we all know how stressful the job interviews are. And we are here to lessen the burden of the Skype Interview Tips. These job interviews matter to us the most and the pressure seems to increase even more when the interviews start taking place on a video call, where you cannot show your confident walk either your entire body language, posture or hand movements. And on top of it, the tension builds up even more f you start having those network connection errors.

Easy Ways You Can Turn Skype Into Success, skype calling, skype interview tips

But, worry not because we are here to help you with our Skype Interview Tips. So, that the next time you give any Interview, with the help of Skype Interview tips job will be yours.

Skype Interview Tips 2016

Winning hearts of a group of officials in just a video call sounds a bit quirky. But, performing well in these interviews and winning over the job of your dreams is an art in itself.

We hope that the Skype Interview tips 2016 that we provide will give you an idea of what we are talking about and most importantly about how a person should conduct his/her interview.

Easy Ways You Can Turn Skype Into Success, skype interview tips

Given below are a few Skype Interview tips that could come handy for you. Take deep insights before doing Skype Online Login

  1. Start up with a smile: First on the list of Skype interview tips is to start up with a smile. A positive frame of mind is very important to have a successful interview. Your face should reflect your interest in the interview and create a positive impact in the Interviewers as well. If you just start a call with a dull face and a lousy voice, the other party is sure to get is interested that very instant. So, the first tip is to start up with a smile and avoid nervousness. Or, in that case, if you have any nervousness, do not let it get reflected on your face or your voice.
  2. Let it get Eye to Eye: A common mistake that most of the people make is that during a video call they look on the screen. Well, this is the wrong practice that we should improve. When you look into the screen while talking during an interview, it seems like you are looking somewhere else to the other party. Hence, to eliminate this mistake, the next time that you perform in an interview, make sure that you are looking right into the camera rather than the screen.
  3. Dress To impress: The importance of dressing well during Skype interview does not decrease just because it is a video call. Your dressing manner also holds huge importance in forming a judgment by an interviewer. While doing an interview, you can’t just sit there wearing a tank top and bunch of chains on your neck. When you are having a video call for a professional reason, make sure that you look professional. Also, as an added benefit, you will feel good when you look good. So go! Dress, impress and grab your moment.
  4. The name game: When we say professionalism, we mean reflecting professionalism in every aspect. Your username is the first thing that the interviewer gets to know about you. And you surely wouldn’t want it to be something funky, which can be made a laughing stock out of. Make sure that you have a professional Skype ID of yours accompanied by a super professional username.
  5. Create a professional environment: You can’t just think of impressing your interviewer by sitting in the corner of a room, in front of a huge pile of dump and a shabby surrounding. For a Video Interview, choose a place that is airy and has sufficient lighting. Not too light, not too dark. Choose a good place to sit and talk- preferably a desk and chair and make good arrangements of the settings beforehand. Most importantly, make sure that everything looks organized and clean. A place reflecting an office environment would further be beneficial.
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice: This Skype interview tip is sure to come in handy. Don’t just bounce off to a video call at the end moment. Before doing the interview, practice enough. You can ask your friends to help out in this case. Video call a friend and practice everything that you have decided to say in a calm and composed manner. Practicing before the interview will also help you check the stability of the internet connection and whether everything is working all right.
  7. Make notes: Before the interview, create a list of points to remember. These points can include the subject matter that you wish to talk on or the tips that will keep you motivated during the interview. Then write down those points on Sticky Note sheets and stick it on the wall you are facing or on the edge of your computer screens. Have a quick look at it just when you need and there you go!
  8. Face your problems gracefully: Last Skype interview tips are something I already mentioned it above and am saying it once again. Maintain a calm expression on your face. Even if you are facing any technical problems, don’t panic and tackle them gracefully.

Last but not the least; imagine that it is a face-to-face interview. And do it with the same ease and charm that you would use in any face to face interview.

Skype Interview Tips for employer

These Skype interview tips for the employer would also come in handy, to have to understand the eligibility and potentiality of the candidate.skype interview tips

  1. Have your technology set up early: Stick to the rules that you have created yourself. Be punctual and make sure that everything has been set up before the interview. Being an interviewer, you must reflect the attributes that you want the interviewee to possess. Hence, you must necessarily be time bound.
  2. Use a headset: Wearing a headset ensures that you hear clearly and the distractive noises of the external environment are eliminated.
  3. The time tester: You can test the commitment of the interviewee by initiating the interview in a not-so-common time. For instance, 7 AM in the morning. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will interview someone at 2 in the midnight. Keep a note that all your actions are sensible.
  4. Recording interview: The main benefit of interviewing on Skype is that you can record the interview and evaluate the interviewee on the basis of it later.
  5. Reflect Professionalism: Whatever you do, it in the bounds of your professionalism. Do not become over friendly or do not do anything that does not suit your position.

Hope that these Skype Interview Tips and Tricks were helpful for you


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