Skype Video Call

Whenever we hear word Skype one thing comes in our mind that is video calling. Skype is application software. As stated above it is for telecommunication. Skype is available for computers, mobiles phones, tablets etc. It is supported by windows, android, iOS, mac OS etc. Skype video call has a significant role in modern busy life. We have to travel to various places for different purposes like for business, further study or for new job. In these circumstances we are separated from our loved ones, our family or our friends. We do have cell phones and landlines to contact each other but Skype video call provides another platform. You can chat with each other by sending your visual presence through internet using Skype. Suppose you and your friends want to hang out but all of you are in different parts of world than you can all do group video chat through Skype.

To make Skype video call all you need is a computer or cell phone or tablet with front camera and high speed internet connection. You need to install Skype application on your device. It available on internet for free. Skype video call is also free of cost. You will also have to create an account in Skype. Through your account you can video chat with other people having a Skype account.

Steps for Skype video call

  1. Open the Skype application that you have installed on your device. You will require a sound high speed internet connection to do Skype video call.
  2. Sign in Skype with your username and password.
  3. Your profile will open on the screen. Click on add people and select the people you want to make Skype video call.
  4. Finally click on video call. The person you want to chat will appear on screen and you can start your conversation.
  5. You can add more one person to video chat and do group video chat and can also do video conference.
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Skype to Skype

Beside Skype video call there are also other features that Skype provides. Through your Skype account you can send instant messages or even video messages. You can also share files via Skype. Through Skype you can also make calls to landline phones or cell phones but they are not free. Standard charge is applied to such calls; you have to create special account Skype credit to pay in advance for such calls.

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