Skype Ringtone

Believe it or not, whenever the ring buzzes a different sense of alertness takes over us. And the reason is Skype ringtone. It is all catchy and cool.

You can hear this ringtone only after you are a user of Skype and are getting a call from one of your friend or vice versa. It is been very popular and users adore this Skype Ringtone.

Skype Ringtone

Apart from that, you can also set up this ringtone as your phone ringtone as well. For that, you will first have to download the Skype Ringtone on your mobile phone and the set it as your personal ringtone.

skype ringtone, skype ringing

Given below are a few steps that you could refer to for downloading the Ringtone for your personal use.

  1. First of all, go to the internet browser of your computer or mobile phone and type the Skype Ringtone download on the search tab.
  2. In the search results, you are likely to find a huge number of pages from any of which you can download the ringtone.
  3. Choose one of the credible sites for yourself.
  4. Open the page and download the ringtone from skype
  5. You will now have the Skype Ringtone and can use it anywhere that you like.

How to change Skype Ringtone

However, not everyone seems to like this ringtone. Choices vary from person to person and not everyone likes the Skype Ringtone. So, f you don’t like it, you got to change it.

skype ringtone

Select Skype Ringtone

Given below are the steps that could come in handy if you wish to change your Skype sounds. These steps are specifically for MAC.

  1. Go to Skype.
  2. Hit the Preferences options.
  3. Then go to a sub-option called  Notifications
  4. Visit the Overview Tab.
  5. Go to Events and Select ‘Incoming Call’
  6. Preview all the options and then select a sound that suits your ears.
  7. Then tick on the Check box if you want it to repeat the same sound rather than make the sound only once.

Many times, users face a problem of Skype ringtone not working. The reason your ringtone is not audible also is linked to various other issues. Given below is the possible list of things that you could do in order to make your Skype ringtone clear and audible during skype video calling. These points could also help you trigger the problem if you are unable to hear during calls as well.

Skype Ringtone Problems

Check your computer sounds: Make sure that the computer sounds have been functioning properly. Many times you are unable to hear sounds because the system sounds have been muted. Also, check if you have plugged in an external microphone.

Make a test call: To check that the Skype sounds are in order, you can also examine the functionality by making a test call. To make a test call, type echo123 and you can call follow and talk. The system automatically records your message and you can hear it back. The Skype test call is the best way to check and detect the problem with your calls or Skype Ringtone.

Check your Skype settings: You might also want to check your Skype settings to ensure that the settings have not been changed.


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