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Call recording has already been possible on our mobile phones. So, why not on Skype? And to make it easier, users can now have access to the Skype Recorder. So basically not many of them know what Skype Recorder actually is. Basically, it is an application that can be plugged into your regular Skype Application. The main function of Skype  Application recorder is to record the Skype Calls between the users.

skype recorder

However, the Recorder is not a plug-in created by the Official Microsoft but a third party app that facilitates the users with the recording feature. Along with only recording the Voice calls, Skype Recording also offers a large number of other facilities. A lot of websites now provide the similar recording feature; the major difference is that some of them provide it for free whereas the other ones provide it at a cost.

Skype Recorder Apps

The article hence provides everything that you need to know about the Skype Recorder. You can also know more about the features that the Skype Recorder provides and various websites that let you download the Skype Recording App. Also, know the devices in which the  recorder is compatible along with the step by step detailed guidelines on how to use it. So go through it yourself and pick up the Best Skype Call Recorder among all.

According to the Skype Recorder Review, it is one of the most convenient and easy to use plugin of all times. Also, if you wish to download Skype Call Recorder for Windows 8, all you need to do is just downloading the Skype Recording App and you can use it easily. However, not many of the users know that you can also utilize the Skype Recording in Linux. The Skype Recorder can also be utilized on Linux and you can utilize its features further. However, you can also download Skype Call recorder for Ubuntu and enjoy its services.

Given below is a list of the apps that provide Skype Recording app that would come in use for you.

Skype Call recording Apps

  1. Pamela: The app is basically designed as a Skype Recorder and has been officially certified by Skype. Also, one thing to be noted is that Pamela is completely at a reasonable cost and made for Windows specificallyskype recorder Some of the many features provided by Pamela Skype Recorder are:
    Skype Call Recording
    Skype Video Recording
    Skype Call Transfer
    Skype Call Scheduler
  2. MP3 Skype Recorder: It is one of the best Skype Recorders and is one of the few that are completely free and loaded with features. Some of the features that Skype Recorder provides is
    It’s absolutely free with no limits attached
    Automatic or manual recording capabilities
    Compact format of stored records (mp3 files)
  3. WireTap Studio: Specially designed for Mac devices, WireTap Studio is the app that lets you record, edit and export all the recordings that you are provided on your Mac Device for specified apps such as the Skype and iTunes.
  4. Escam Call Recorder: Escam is yet another Skype Recorder, famous for all the services that it provides. Just like the previous one, Escam is also specifically designed for Mac and provides features such as
    Record Video Calls

skype recorder, skype call recorder

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