Skype Premium

Skype Video Calling is all that people are talking about these days. And yes, Skype has been one of the best video calling apps so far. Earlier Skype also had its paid service, known as the Skype Premium which was loaded with a large number of features at a considerably less cost. However, in the course of time, Skype Premium has now been removed and it is no longer available for purchase.

skype premium

However, one of the best features involved in the Skype paid service is the Group Video Calling. Just as the Skype Premium feature was removed the Free Group Video Calling was then included on Skype. Hence, the good news for the Skype users all around the world is that the Group Video Calling feature is now free for everybody and no need to pay a single penny for anything. You could also get a Skype Premium trial beforehand when the it was prevalent. Under the Skype Premium Free Trial, the user could try out the benefits of the Skype service and buy it if they wished to.

Skype Premium Services

Earlier when the Skype Premium was introduced to its users, the service package cost $8.99 every month with the feature of Group Video Calling and some calls as part of the package. Whereas, an individual day package for the Group Video Calls along with some free calls costs $4.99, itself. Once you bought a Skype Premium, you could video call up to 10 people at the same time. But as the competition among the video calling companies increased, Skype removed the Premium Plan and made the Group Video calling free for all the users. You can now video call friends in a group at once. The only necessary requirement for the Group Video call is that all the members must be online in order to initiate a call.

skype premium

However, apart from the Skype paid package, the users always have the choice of Skype Subscriptions. The main feature that Skype Subscriptions provide is that they are providing the user a facility to call a person even when they are offline. This means that if you have bought the Skype Subscription, you will no longer have to wait for the person to be online. You can contact them anytime and from anywhere when you are subscribed. All you have to do is buy the Skype Credit and contact directly.

Also, Unlike Skype paid model, if you want to cancel the Subscription plan, you can do so immediately. Though, you must make sure that the subscription that you have bought must be cancelled within a time period of 3 days so that you won’t be charged for the renewal of the next cycle.

Skype Premium Download

As the Skype paid model has been removed from the program, you can still download it. We are here to provide you the Skype Premium Hack. If you wish to download the Skype Premium all you need to do is download the Skype App and you will then be able to utilize the features of Skype Premium, all for free.


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