Skype Messenger

Skype is not a new name for most of the internet users. It is application software used for telecommunication with the help of internet. It by many means the most used telecommunication software. It holds about 40% of total market share of internet calls. The main feature of Skype is video calling but it also has other features like sharing files and instant messaging with the help of Skype messenger previously known as MSN messenger.

Since Skype was acquired by Microsoft cooperation, windows live messenger was merged with Skype. In addition to that Skype provides options of calling to landlines or cellphones but that requires paying on advance via your debt based Skype user account known as Skype credit. This facility is only available in some countries only. Skype messenger is very handy. You need to fix time for video chatting since you can’t hang on computer or cellphone all the time. You can fix that up via Skype messenger.

MSN messenger

MSN messenger is now known as Windows Live Messenger. It was developed by Microsoft cooperation in 1999. Initially it featured only plain texting and simple contact list. When Microsoft released Windows XP new version of MSN messenger was also introduced with new features like group contact and voice conversations. Along the years several new versions of messenger were introduce adding some new features each time until 2005 when it was renamed as Windows Live Messenger.

Further new versions were introduced also adding new features like PC to phone calling and sharing files. In 2012 when Microsoft cooperation acquired Skype Windows Live Messenger was merged with it. You can use your Microsoft account to login Skype to use messenger.

To use Skype messenger follow the instruction given below:

skype messenger, skype instant messenger

Skype instant Messeger

  1. Open Skype application
  2. Sign in Skype with your Microsoft account which is similar to your messenger ID
  3. All the contacts of your messenger will be automatically added to Skype, all at one place.
  4. You can categorize your contacts and can also add favorites. For that right click on the contacts and then click on create new list.
  5. To write message select the contact you want to message and click on it. IM window (instant messaging) will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Type your message and then press enter.
  6. To share files drag the file and drop it in the IM window. On the top of page there is a plus sign click on it and select send file.
  7. For group chat click on create a group at the top of the page and drag contacts from contact list.

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