5 thoughts on “Skype login

  1. chantal caissie

    I’m having trouble logging in I’m not sure if it’s my username and my password is what it is but I need help I don’t want to create a new account because of my old people that I have on my contacts I already went through and change my password and everything but still can’t login

    1. admin Post author

      Contact Skype Support. It seems like the problem can be solved only through manual settings by service providers.

      Thank you

  2. Tara Stone

    I need help signing in. Have new Chromebook. I believe I was tarastone.10 on old computer that has been put to pasture. Would like to use my account on the afternoon of October 24th for an interview, if possible.
    I have relocated to Colorado and am staying temporarily in a motel. Would appreciate some guidance on new set-up. No one else is using my microsoft account, it doesn’t exist any more. Thanks, Tara Stone


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