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It is perfectly normal for you to miss your loved ones when they are away from you or you are away from them, everyone does. We feel like seeing them, hearing them over and over again. Don’t we? Thanks to technology for making this possible through Skype Video calling. Yes, Skype, the most awesome video Chatting application amongst yet available ones. And best thing is, Skype is free to download. You can download Skype for free from its official website and get started with it.

Skype is available for almost all the platforms and is from the trusted vendor, Microsoft. Skype is free to use. But you need to download and install it unless you are on windows 8. Skype come pre installed on the windows 8.Skype download for phone is also free.

Installing Skype is very easy, if you are familiar with installing applications. You need working a) internet connection b) an internet compatible device, and of course c) a brain. I know you already have those. Now,

Steps for Free Skype Download

  • Open your internet browser and type in your address bar. Press enter.
  • Official Skype website will open now, it indeed is beautiful. The webpage has lots of animations and videos telling you about services provided by Skype.
  • Click on the download option. It is on the download now option. On Mac? No worries, Skype can detect your platform and download the app accordingly.
  • Executable file for the Skype will download in your computer, open and install it. The entire required file for the Skype to run will be downloaded automatically.
  • Open your Skype app, from the app drawer and you are good to go.

Congratulations! now you have successfully installed Skype on your PC and opened the door to the web of video chatting. If you want to enjoy Skype services on your phone,

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Skype Free Download

  • Go to Google Play Store (if you are on Android) or App Store (If you are on iOS) and find Skype App.
  • Download it, and log in with your Skype id. Done!

Now, you can enjoy Skype both on your phone and computer. Awesome, isn’t it?

Skype has improved a lot after being owned by Microsoft; new features are being added everyday to it. You can even use Skype as a texting application; sync it with your Facebook-use it to chat on Facebook too. The feature like conference call makes it more productive and usable for business persons. Skype is multipurpose application and its worth giving a shot if you haven’t before.

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